F is for family-organizing

We used to do all our shopping together before we got our daughters. Now only one of us get to do the shopping and it’s most often me – because I really like to do it. Our oldest daughter usually comes along to keep me company and to take the blame for impulse shopping.

Wunderlist is what keeps us structured. An app for iPhone and Android as well as an web version. It’s free to use with some nice-to-have-add-ons on the premium version.

It allows you to share lists of tasks and reminders with other users.

The ability to share lists is great for to-do-lists at home, wish lists, shopping lists and reoccurring tasks.

To-do lists allows us to add things we should or need to do around the house. Remove the birds nest in the roof, categorize pictures, plant certain herbs in the garden, etc. This gives us both reminders that this should be done and a neat list to prioritize once we have a free weekend or a few holidays.

Wish list are primarily for our oldest daughter when she really, really, really wants a new singing pony or princess. However the lists also ensures I add wishes along the way (I’m not great at making wish lists for birthdays and Christmas) and know what my better half wants.

The shopping list is filled along the way, when we notice something is running low. A quick browse through the current weeks deals at our favorite store adds a few items from each of use. That way both of us are able to do the shopping if we’re in the area, but most often we do it during the weekend. We have shopping lists for groceries, hardware store, clothing and web shopping (if shipping isn’t free).

The reoccurring tasks like change toothbrushes, book time for haircuts, crop the fruit trees, clean the gutters, thorough cleaning of showers, etc. We like the automatic reminders, because one of us doesn’t notice limescale in the shower (if you guessed me, you win a stereotypical statue of Captain Obvious). That reduces our arguments as well as gives us a heads up before it gets too bad.

I also use it to list movies I’d like to watch, books I’d like to read and other things I want to try like an isolation tank.

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