Learn a new language fast – No hablo español

I landed a new job which likely requires some traveling around the world. Although it’s not necessary I would like to have conversations in spanish. So for this months challenge I want to know how to learn a new language fast.

My first stint with another language besides danish, was english through pro wrestling. I knew how to cut a promo at a young age. Additionally a fair amount of swear words also became part of my vocabulary. The motivation has to be present which also was true when my parents only had one tv channel that showed cartoons in german. A whole generation of danes learned german from moving drawings because there was no alternative. My daughters will certainly have a cornucopia of entertainment in their native language. Even though Dora the Explorer already has sparked some interest in our oldest I think more motivation is needed.

Do you know what a foreign accent is? It’s a sign of bravery.

Amy Chua

I love this quote, it brings out a smile every time I read it. This type of bravery grows from curiosity and both are cornerstones in what I want to teach my daughters. Another language opens a new world filled with interesting people and phrases. The bi-product is that you actually need to cross a couple of borders to really learn a new language fast.

So for me to learn a much spanish as possible in a month Duolingo is an app that has gamified learning a new language. I’m without a doubt in their target group and look forward to blaze through the tasks.

I’m searching for a few spanish-speaking people on instagram to follow and have some light conversations with. Since that would help keep it present and applicable.

Finally I want to find a show or YouTube channel that could entertain and educate on a regular basis.

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