Follow your heart – advice for my daughters

Don’t follow the dreams of someone else. This will surely demotivate you and in the long run make you miserable. Above all follow your heart to find your own path and self-realize. There will be situations were you’ll notice you’ve followed someone or something down a path that’s not yours. If you don’t choose to make a U-turn someone might send you off-course. For instance I was thrown out from an education, fired as a shelve filler and rejected as a military recruit. I ended up at these dead-ends because I went with the flow. Instead check your gut feeling and make a conscious choice. The decision, declaration and action can be tough to do, but the aftermath is well worth the hardship.

Easy choices, hard life.

Hard choices, easy life.

Jerzy Gregorek

Get to know yourself, your wishes and goals. Sit and enjoy the silence and learn to calm your mind. The best way I’ve found is to meditate. After a session, dwell on your de-cluttered mind and ask yourself some questions.

What do I really want?
How would that make me feel?
How would that effect other parts of my life?

After multiple times asking these questions, answers begin to appear. A religious person might hear the voice of god, I believe it is my subconsciousness. The answers will vary as time goes by, but the important takeaway is to break it down and work towards it. You will get wiser and your circumstances and perspective will change. This is life. A constant state of change and that’s okay.

“Follow your heart” This might as well be a Pinterest post with flowers and a calligraphic font. However without knowing the process or goal these are just empty words. Find your goal and make it clear. Subsequently break the goal down into smaller pieces. Has anyone else been in the same situation? Can you use that? Are there more than one way to achieve it? What’s most effective for you? Subsequently do some trial and error.

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