Meditation review – how I calmed my mind in 31 days

Another month has passed and it’s time do a meditation review. I been fairly consistent at doing my evening meditations. It even became something I looked forward to during the last week. Relaxing the mind truly is a muscle you have to train. In the beginning it feels weird and a waste of time but around the ninth day I felt more relaxed and less fazed by disruptions.

I kept using Insight timer and bookmarked my favorites which mostly focused on sleep and letting go. However I phase out once I get too used to a guided meditation, so I switched between 15 favorites. There’s also tracking which helps motivate to be consistent and meditate daily and not break your streak.

As mentioned when I kicked off the challenge there’s an isolation tank 30 minutes from our home. I pulled up to a farm with grazing goats, healing crystals, magnets and herbal tea. My guard was up! A pleasant man guided me to the orange spaceship that was my vessel for the next hour. I showered and got into the tempered water with epsom salt, closed the lid and turned off the lights. After the initial avoidance of getting saltwater into my eyes and ears and relaxing enough to float this was an absolute pleasure. I felt surprisingly free once I accepted the darkness, silence and feeling weightless.

I focused on my breathing. 4 seconds breathing in, 7 seconds holding my breath and 8 seconds of exhaling. Repeat. The Bruce Lee philosophy be water, my friend has worked for me during sleepless night. I twisted it a bit and picture my thoughts as waves on the beach. They come and go. I observe them but know they’re only visiting.

So to conclude my meditation review I will keep meditating regularly, even 10 minutes does wonders. It really is quality over quantity and I can declutter my thoughts in a couple of minutes now.

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