Principles for life – Focusing on one thing

I suspect my lacking effectiveness during the evenings is due to multitasking. Instead of focusing on one thing I tend to look at the TV when the blog post is complicated or look at the phone when a documentary challenges me to much. It’s easier that way. I like feeling busy and I feel the busiest when I’m multitasking. To give an example I set up an old tv and and extra monitor at my home office just to have Netflix or YouTube running and maybe some portfolio tracker while browsing around.

I’ve been reading Don Miguel Ruizs book The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom. Where one of the last chapters is about breaking former (and non-helpful) agreements with ourselves.

I like feeling busy and telling myself and other how busy I am.

Danish Daddy

Not anymore. And the first baby step is breaking the promise and replacing it with something achievable. So the next month I’ll be focusing on one thing at a time. It won’t be a challenge per se. Seems simple and way more effective… Even reading The four Agreements was a lot faster and a lot more felt retained.

The book is a great and easy read and only 89 pages long. It really takes you through a whole thought process, but be sure to have some quiet and alone time. No TV in the background! The 4 agreements are: Keep your word, Don’t take anything personal, Don’t make assumptions and Do your best. That last one fits my tagline perfectly. The way to freedom is identifying and breaking your own beliefs or agreements that likely has been part of your upbringing and therefore deeply ingrained.

Thinking back my parents always had a book, the paper, a puzzle or something else in front of the TV. Whether it was a movie or the news. So this is likely something that has been part of my upbringing.

The trip to the beach this evening was more enjoyable and I somewhat suspect my focus to play a part in that.

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