Simple weight loss – goal and path

I’ve tried smaller portions, counting calories, eating more filling foods and a lot more. What I always lose my motivation on is the complexity and the feeling of missing something. I’ve found that keto and intermittent fasting works for me when I want simple weight loss.

Never eat more than you can lift.

– Miss Piggy

I was talking to a few coworkers and we were discussing the near mandatory holiday weight that we all put on. Someone (me) suggested a healthy competition about who could lose the highest percentage in 3 months. My motivation is considerably higher when someone else is involved in my goals (exhibit A). Weight-in were the next day to allow one last day of bingeing and I expect we all were retaining more water than usual. Anyhow, this resulted in me being my heaviest in a long time. 104 kg or 229 lbs, wow. I expect to drop around 15%, it’s not impossible, but I’ll need to work out along with dietary changes.

As mentioned I want simple weight loss, and I am a firm believer in different diets work for different people. There might be some physiological cases but the majority is psychological. All in all it boils down to less calories taken in than taken out, for a certain amount of time. That time is what makes the difference. And here comes the preferences. Once I got into it, skipping breakfast was easy as long as I had tea and coffee. This is one meal less than usual and why not skip the easiest? I fast from 7 PM to Noon the next day – 17 hours fasting and 7 hours of eating.

Fat and protein all the way!

Now, the 7 hours of eating are a blast! The Keto food is rather straightforward once you get the hang of it. The Keto_food subreddit is full of great recipes and inspiration. It also helps me get a more diverse than eggs and bacon, beef and broccoli and salmon and avocado.

I first gave keto a try about 3 years ago, again due to a bet (see the pattern?). My focus was on what I was missing out on, and that causes some frustration. My focus is now on what I can have (also goes for life in general).
No I can’t have bread, but I can make keto crispbread.
No I can’t have chips, but I can eat pork rinds.
Along with missing out I also have the dreaded Keto flu and cramps. Reading up and experimenting resulted in me drinking electrolytes with potassium and magnesium which saved me every time entering keto.

Cabbage also sparked a newfound love for experimenting with vegetables. The raw leaves make a great tortillas replacement and chopped up and cooked/steamed along with some soy or salt makes it have some pasta-like-feeling.

My simple weight loss summed up

  • 17 hours of fasting and 7 hours of eating keto.
  • Supplementing with potassium and electrolytes, especially in the beginning.
  • Enjoy what I can eat! Pork rinds, fresh mozzarella balls, crips bread, buckets of butter and eggs!
  • Getting inspiration and mixing up the usual suspects served.

I will go from 104 kg/229 lbs to around 90 kg/198 lbs by may 1st.

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