Healing wounds with a little help

I had surgery in one calf yesterday and was told to minimize my movement for 2 weeks. At 1 pm I’ve walked 1800 steps, so that’s understood. But I was also told to wait 6 (SIX!?!?!) months before putting maximum strain on the calf. I expected a month or so without working out with my legs so I’m doing intermittent fasting. Mainly to avoid gaining too much weight because of a sedentary temporary lifestyle. However when googling I also find evidence that intermittent fasting also has a positive effect on healing wounds.

From study on fasting mice they conclude:

Skin wound healing subsequent to a repeated fasting regimen was improved and promoted epithelialization and contraction while enhancing inflammatory cell infiltration and collagen synthesis within the wound bed.

Influence of Short-term, Repeated Fasting on the Skin Wound Healing of Female Mice

I’ve also bought some Gotu Kola which also has documented positive effects on healing wounds.

All extracts of Centella asiatica facilitate the wound healing process in both incision and burn wounds. Asiatic acid in the ethyl acetate extract seemed to be the most active component for healing the wound.

Wound healing activities of different extracts of Centella asiatica in incision and burn wound models: an experimental animal study

I’m hoping fasting and Gotu Kola helps the wound to heal faster and better. I just took the bandages off and took a before picture.

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