Simple weight loss tips – for me at least

Although I didn’t reach my goal of 90 kg I did manage to get to 91,9 kg. I believe I’m a simple guy so my weight loss tips would also have to be simple.

I see weight loss as a sprint rather than a marathon, which is fine for competitions but neither healthy or sustainable. Within the first two weeks I lost 5 kg by just shifting to Keto this was a gift and a curse. I believed that I could coast until the final month and then do Keto again. I’m usually in charge of cooking so the meals were primarily large salads and a piece of meat. And my ways of working were to eat salad until almost full and get the “stuffed” feeling when eating the meat.

The two “coasting” months were somewhat mind changing as I realized the salads first principle wasn’t bad and actually

Simple weight loss tips from my 12 kg loss

No breakfast – not a change for the weight loss, but intermediate fasting is extremely effective. For me (and a lot of other people) breakfast is the meal that is easiest to skip, without feeling hungry.

Keto – Almost no carbs. Once again I had success with avoiding the Keto flu and I credit the sports drink tablets when feeling, flu-ish. I bought tablets with Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Chloride. This appears to have some effect.

Order of intake – Salads first! Fill up on the colorful and leafy goodness. Kale is still my friend (Kale might not feel the same way) after eating it non-stop for 4 months. Adding oil, vinegar or sour cream and some spices top kale makes a world of difference. Cutting it in strips and cooking it makes it resemble spaghetti. Then mixed with a sauce this impostor didn’t cause a riot around the dinner table.

Duration and accountability – we had 4 months to lose weight and the rules were bi-weekly weight-ins which included the mandatory ball-busting when there was low or no progress. Strategic water intake and suspicion of such supplied the fog of war. We always had a close competitor that motivated us by reaching or staying ahead.

Final sprint – this wasn’t pretty or fair, but knowing my competitors (and paranoia) I wasn’t going to lose by just playing fair. A month before the final weigh-in I was a number two from the bottom, so in the danger zone of losing. I lowered my meat intake and was running on salad and electrolytes! This caused me to jump two places up in the semifinal weigh-ins. The last couple of days were during the Corona quarantine which meant my activity levels were next to none and my intake was the same. Finally some very hot showers – which surprisingly (for me) had a significant effect.

Listen to your body

The final sprint aside I did make some long-term changes and my main learning is to listen to my body. Am I hungry or bored? Am I missing something; electrolytes, proteins, vitamins, water? Is my tiredness linked to my diet?

Now I can differently feel the difference between lacking electrolytes,fat or proteins. Which helps me instead of just eating a big meal as a go-to solution. I also feel comfortable around 94 kg – which I believe is my ideal weight. This doesn’t demand high focus on my calorie intake but still looks good and I feel good!

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