Meditation challenge – how I want to purify my mind

Meditation is a vital way to purify and quiet the mind, thus rejuvenating the body.

Deepak Chopra

Three years ago I was very stressed at work and brought that home. I had a hard time letting go and one (of many) sleepless I googled “letting go” or “relieve stress” and found the app Headspace. I promised myself to give this a solid try. The free trial did something for me. Not during the night but during meditation. I practiced my breathing and focused on it multiple times during the day. This resulted in my sleep improved significantly and I felt more balanced. But. The price was just too steep, and I am at least conscious about my spending.

I searched for free or cheaper alternatives and finally found Insight timer. I’ve donated to a few of the suppliers because their guided meditations has really helped me sleep and quiet my noisy mind. But the free version has a huge amount of free meditations in plenty of different categories.

The challenge

The challenge for July will be daily meditations to see how that effects my mindset and sleep pattern. I expect good results in my ability to handle stressful situations, view on life in general and my sleep quality.

A sub-challenge is to include our oldest daughter in a few sessions. I’ve been told it’s just a phase but she has some serious mood swings that could perhaps be dealt with in a more constructive manner.

I will schedule an evening timeslot of 30 minutes after the girls are asleep to give myself time to meditate. In all honesty, that’s just time away from a screen that likely isn’t given me anything worthwhile. Certain days my focus might be to let go of some thoughts, others I’ll want to further appreciate the beauty of life. I also have an itching curiosity towards an isolation tank that happens to be available a 30 minute drive from here…

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