The best kids games to play at the beach

We’ve had a great time at a borrowed holiday home the past week. The normal duties of the household was not applicable and the parents enjoy the freedom from the guilty conscience. Our oldest seemed more balanced which could be attributed to the change in scenery as well as the parents abundance in mental resources. With a view of the ocean and a short walk to the beach, we spent a good amount of time getting sand between our toes and finding best kids games to play at the beach.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

Brad Henry

Search and find games

We spent time at the beach which is just a joy for everyone. Finding special rocks, sea glass, “GOLD” and seashells is a never ending game. We brought home a bucket full and painted on some of the rocks. I believe there’s a lesson in the fulfillment of finding the right rock, bringing it home, painting it and finally placing it on a special place. I can hear our daughter remembers it vividly and it’s proud of both her and dads painting skills. Me too, sweetheart.

At the kindergarten they’ve had different learning themes like insects and birds. I frequently mention if there’s anything she’d like to learn and that I will help her. She wanted to learn more about seashells! We went to wikipedia and found a video of a crab changing shells. I’m so glad that she has this thirst for knowledge and that it actually gets used afterwards.

Play catching crustaceans

We bought a crab catching kit at a nearby store which was the best investment of the trip. It was a purchase for the holiday home, a minimalism loophole. A cracked mussel attached to a fishing rod was our weapon of choice. Meanwhile shallow water with seaweed was our hunting grounds. This resulted in a bucket full of crabs for closer inspection to learn more about crabs. Like they walk sideways and one claw is bigger than the other. Almost an hour passed where parents and kid took turns catching. These are the best games, where the parents could keep playing after the kid has lost interest.

So the conclusion is finding kids games to play at the beach which allows the parents to partake and no household chores makes us a better family. I don’t see it’s possible to eliminate all chores and a home with an ocean view is either out of our price range or with a location away from family, friends and work. However the holiday home is often available for us to lend and even for just a weekend it would do wonders. Part of what gave us peace of mind was we’d tidied up and cleaned our home before we left. This could work.

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